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944 Route 104, Ontario, NY 14519
Nurturing caregivers provide your baby with positive, supportive, indiviualized relationships in a warm and cozy atmosphere, while attending their daily needs. Physical, visual, and auditory experiences are part of your child's daily program - along with tender loving care from your child's primary caregiver. Your infant's activities are recorded in a Child's Diary for reference and a keepsake. The infant room is completely self contained to ensure optimal development and care for your infant.
Rhyme Tyme Child Care Center Programs
At Rhyme Tyme Child Care Center, we take care to provide our families with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. The variety of our programs offers something for every family whether you are just starting with a newborn or are entering the tween years with your youngsters. We are a place ...to bond...to grow...to learn.
Toddlers I & II
Caring teachers continually provide learning opportunities for your toddler, most often in response to the child's own cue. Small groups allow the toddler to initiate their development and explore their needs and wants. Toddlers start to develop both socially and intellectually through peer interaction and teacher initiated activities. Toys are specifically selected to intrigue your toddler and to develop curiosity. Your toddler will start a process of accomplishing self help skills that will take them to our preschool. 
We firmly believe that "...play is the work of young children". Our program provides your preschooler with choice, hands on experimentation, and stimulating adventures that promote the development of social, cognitive, fine, and large motor skills. These skills, plus building positive self esteem, and working closely  with our school district, enables your preschooler to enter the school system as a curious, confident, and well adjusted young learner. 
6 Weeks to 12 Months
13 Months to 36 Months
3 Years to 5 Years
School Age
5 Years to 12 Years
Rhyme Tyme is a great place for your school agers to gather with friends to have fun! Your child will have the choice to participate in planned activities or do their "own thing" under the supervision of experienced adults. Our school agers are very community oriented and hold several functions throughout the year, along with field trips, arts and crafts, library, and social events - our school agers are busy people.
The Wayne Central School District in conjunction with Rhyme Tyme Child Care offers the Universal Pre Kindergarten program to eligible 4 and 5 year olds in our community. UPK is funded through New York State. This two and a half hour program offers children the opportunity to prepare for entering Kindergarten and the school system. With our New York State certified teacher heading the classroom we engage our active learner's sense of curiosity to develop an understanding of basic school concepts such as reading comprehension, math, science, social studies, writing, and more. Your child will enjoy cultivating friendships and developing social skills with their peers, to give them a superior readiness when they step through the doors on their fist day of Kindergarten.